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6 common mistakes when planning a move

6 common mistakes when planning a move

As a rule, moving begins with choosing an approximate date and finding a suitable moving company. When your perfect moving provider is found and all the details of the move have been agreed, but this is far from the end of the adventure. Although professional help is at your service, you should be involved in the relocation process and be aware of the common mistakes that Redline Moving will describe below.

1. Lack of a plan

Moving is a too multitasking process to be done without a plan. It requires serious coordination and a strategy. It will be difficult to imagine the volume of work, to track completed tasks and tasks that still have to be done without a plan.

2. No budget planning

Each of us wants to avoid unnecessary spending and has an approximate amount of money that he or she is willing to spend on the move. Budget planning is necessary in order to initially understand what services and materials are available for your budget. It can be moving service including packing and unpacking or without them or even labor only. Always be mindful of small things like shrink wrap or tape. And also have free money in order to immediately connect water, electricity, Internet, etc. in a new house.

3. Pay attention to papers

During the move, you will have to read and sign a huge amount of papers. These may include estimates, movers inventory, final invoices, and so on. You should carefully check all the data before you sign these papers.

4. Panicking at Packing

For most people, the mere thought of wrapping causes stress and breakdown. This is really not an easy part of preparing for the move, but it is not a reason to panic. You can make the packing process easier and faster if you buy cartons, shrink and bubble wrap, packing tape, and other packing materials you may need in advance. We also advise you to use the markings. Buy markers in different colors and label the boxes from different rooms in different colors, you can also mark the boxes that need to be unpacked first.

5. Do not inform your moving company about the changes

Sometimes it happens that you need to change the date/time of moving or you want to take additional pieces of furniture with you. In this case, be sure to warn your moving company as early as possible! The thing is that if you call the company 2-3 days in advance, they may not have spots available or additional movers. In other cases, the price may differ.

6. Forget about kids and pets

We all know how overwhelmed the head is before such a difficult event as a move. You have a lot of thoughts, tasks, feelings. Children and pets can make your move preparation even more difficult, so it is better to ask relatives, friends, or neighbors to look after them while you are packing boxes or when movers are working in the house.

These were the 6 most common mistakes Redline Moving knows about from its many years of experience. If you still have questions or concerns about your move, feel free to contact us by phone or on our website.