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Commercial Moving


Have no time to resolve the issues of moving the office? Then contact Redline Moving, and we will take over all the trouble at an affordable cost.

Our sales team will advise you on the price and schedule your move. Then an experienced team of movers will come to your office and disassemble and pack office equipment and furniture in compliance with all requirements. They will carefully load all the items into a truck, deliver them to your new office. To order a move to a new office you just need to leave a request.

Fast and safe transportation

Moving the entire office can take quite a long time, and downtime during working hours is too expensive for some companies. The office relocation, which stretched out for an indefinite time, has a very negative effect on the productivity of employees and the profit of the company.

With Redline Moving transportation of office furniture, equipment, and various things are carried out in one trip outside of your working hours. Transportation can be arranged on weekends for your convenience. You will know the time of arrival of the truck and delivery in advance. The price of the move is fixed and is prescribed in the contract drawn up between you and us.

The organization of office moving, unlike other types of work, has its own specifics. In addition to transporting office furniture, it is necessary to transport expensive office equipment, valuable archives, documents, reports, and working materials. Papers, as you know, are easily lost but they should always be at hand. It is especially relevant for the accounting department and management.

Qualified personnel of Redline Moving at all stages of office relocation guarantee an individual approach and respect for each item being transported, all things will be safely delivered to a new location. Our company will help you to move cheaply in a short time. We give the opportunity to make payment after the office move is completed. This will allow you to focus as much as possible on your business.

Our advantages:

✅ Moving an office, store or warehouse

✅ We work 7 days a week

✅ Movers, specializing in this type of moving, will be at your service

✅ We always give a few date and time options. You can choose the most convenient for you

✅ Fast and urgent

✅ No force majeure

✅ Drivers are always in touch