Professional Packing Services in Los Angeles: Redline Moving


Packing Service

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Packing furniture is one of the most important tasks when moving bulky and valuable items. But you no longer have to worry about how to cope with disassembling a bulky sofa or packing fragile electronics — professionals will do everything for you!

During the disassembly process, each piece of furniture is marked and packaged separately. Items that cannot be disassembled will also be carefully packed in bubble wrap and boxes. Thus, the risk of damage is minimal.

Redline Moving fully ensures the delivery of any item, giving its customers the opportunity to choose the packaging material for their items. Oversized items or equipment, fragile or heavy items — all this can be moved safely with Redline Moving. Packing of things is always carried out taking into account weather conditions, trip duration, route, basic delivery rules. We work without loss. After all, we have:

✅ Responsible employees

✅ Gentle and reliable packaging

✅ Affordable prices for packaging materials

The most common mistake when planning a move is often underestimating time and energy. Therefore, using packaging services is a wise decision.

Our movers are professionally trained to do this. They will competently pack items of any quantity, value, and fragility. With professional packaging from Redline Moving, your stuff will be delivered safe and sound!

Depending on the needs of the move, you can choose from different options for packaging services.

Full packing

In this case, you can completely forget about packaging and mind your own business. We will send you a couple of movers that will quickly and efficiently pack your things on the eve of the move. If there are things that you need at night or early in the morning, they will pack them on the day of moving without any problems.

Partial Packing

Want to pack some of your belongings yourself, but still need help? It’s not a problem. There is a partial packing service, for such cases. Often our clients ask us to pack the kitchen or some fragile items for them. Tell us what you need and we will be happy to help.