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Getting ready for an office move

Getting ready for an office move

A good office is really a “second home” for its employees. And during their stay there, each employee acquires a lot of things. Among them, there are important papers, office equipment, as well as little things dear to the heart, souvenirs, and other necessary things. But what to do if you need to move the office? How to quickly and accurately transport everything you need without losing or spoiling anything? There is a whole system for the correct organization of the move with simple rules, observing which you can change the office without problems and without losses. But you can do without these tweaks — just order a full moving service from Redline Moving! All the hassle and tricks associated with moving to a new office will be undertaken by professionals, and you will not have to break away from work and worry about the safety of your belongings.

To move or not to move … How to make a decision?

If such an idea has arisen, then it is necessary to decide whether it is advisable to move. In case of a positive decision, you need to start planning your expenses and the approximate timing of the move.

Depending on the size of the company, planning can start 3 months or even years before the supposed move.

At this milestone moment, there may be an incorrect estimate of the move. To minimize this risk, pay attention to two points: whom to call and what to ask.


Immediately outline the range of requirements that the desired moving company should meet. Work experience, reviews, range of services provided, etc. Determine what types of work will need to be performed. Who will be able to carry out the packing of things and furniture, who will disassemble, assemble and arrange furniture in a new place.

What information needs to be given during the first phone call:

  1. The actual volume of transported property. It is important to remember everything: the number of chairs and armchairs, the size of the tables, how many shelves are there in each of the cabinets, whether it is necessary to disassemble the furniture, or whether part of the furniture can be transported assembled.
  2. The required time frame for the move. For example, weekend, so that on Monday, all employees could continue working.
  3. Is there any equipment or furniture that requires special attention when moving. For example, expensive furniture or heavy safe. All this will require resources and special capabilities of the moving company.
  4. To inform about the features of the premises. From which floor to which floor do you plan to move, are there elevators or stairs in the building.

The more attention you pay to the preparation phase, the less likely it is that the move will take longer and more expensive (these are the two main hazards in the move process).


Notify all employees about the date of the move. It will be useful to send e-mails with detailed information about the move.

What else needs to be prepared in advance?

First of all, a plan for the arrangement of furniture in the new office. Secondly, you need to book elevators at both addresses.  Thirdly, it is very important that on the day of the move, all workplaces are prepared as much as possible. All personal belongings of employees must be packed and the packages must be signed accordingly; furniture and office equipment are marked. All boxes must be signed in large letters on the top and side. If there is something especially valuable or fragile inside, then it should be written on the box. You can order all the necessary packing materials for moving from us in advance. Make sure that on the day of the move, the moving company trucks could park near the entrance to the building. Reserve a parking space in advance if necessary.

We understand that office relocation is not easy, so Redline Moving specialists are always ready to help you.