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Office move: how to transport office equipment?

During an office move, a large number of items are moved. And this is not only furniture (office racks, tables, cabinets) but also bulky heavy equipment: ATMs, safes, and so on. The transportation of office equipment should be given special attention when moving!

How to transport office equipment correctly?

Firstly, office equipment can be easily damaged during poor-quality transportation. Secondly, the features of this equipment require special knowledge from loaders on how to properly dismantle, transport, and install equipment at a new location.

Office equipment should be transported very carefully. Even slight damage to, for example, a system unit can lead not only to additional repair costs, but also to the loss of important information, and this can be the reason for stopping a certain area of ​​the office’s life.

Here are some tips on how to cope with an office move J

1.Taking into account the high value of office equipment, you should entrust its transportation to an experienced moving company that knows all the nuances of office moving. Such as Redline Moving for example. It’s also important that our company always takes full responsibility for the items being transported.

2.It is necessary to prepare office equipment for transportation before the appointed date of moving. All system units, scanners, copiers must be dismantled, the cords must be disconnected and put in a separate container. It is better to entrust this work to an administrator, computer technician, programmer, or another person competent in this field.

An experienced specialist will not harm expensive equipment and will do everything correctly. This will help not only facilitate transportation but also guarantee the smooth operation of office equipment in a new location. Any mistake can delete important information and incur unexpected costs.

3.Identify competent staff who will be responsible for implementing or quality control of office equipment packaging. This stage is very important since poor-quality packaging can ultimately lead to damage to an expensive cargo. Don’t skimp on packaging. If you have the original packaging materials for office equipment, then use them, if they are not available, then bubble wrap, soft cloth, or foam barrier will protect the equipment well.

4. Make a detailed inventory of your equipment. The loss or lack of anything, even something as small like a mouse, for example, can incapacitate an employee for a while. We advise you to indicate the inventory number on each piece of equipment. This will help to quickly install the equipment upon arrival and identify the loss if this happens.

5.Be competent in drawing up a route for transportation. In addition to the distance, the quality of the road must be taken into consideration. It will be worse to drive a mile through holes and cobblestones than a few dozens of miles on a flat road. Start planning your route before packing your office supplies to be sure of success.

6.Qualified specialists of experienced moving companies take responsibility for the safety of all transported items. This allows you — the office move organizer — to be confident of success.

Just call Redline Moving and you your office move will be completed in the shortest possible time! And you personally will not lose time energy to eliminate the shortcomings that arise during an unprofessional move.